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Learn to play cricket

Join us to have fun and learn some basic cricket skills in the Stockholm Cricket School. 

The Stockholm Cricket School is open to any one between the ages of 6 and 13.  It does not matter if you have cricket experience or not, everyone is welcome to join and have a go. Together you will learn cricketing skills of batting, bowling and fielding.

It does not cost anything to come and “give it a go”. However after 3 training sessions we can offer a membership


When and Where?

The Cricket School training sessions are held from May to September, with a pause for summer vacations. The dates and times are puvblished on the on the Club's calendar

There are two locactions for the Cricket School: 



Cricket School sessions are run with a soft ball so protective equipment is not mandatory. All people who are new Cricket School in 2019 will recieve a "Cricket School Starter Kit" that contains a plastic bat, rubber ball, cap, t-shirt and drink bottle.  You can find out more about the starter kit here



If you want to apply the skills you learn in training and play in matches, all Cricket School members can also play in matches as part of our  U13 team who play in the U13 Poolspel comptition and in friendly matches.  


Need more information?

If you want more information contact us at  This is a mailto link 


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