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How to register


It does not cost anything to come and give it a go ("prova på") and try playing cricket with us. However after 3 training sessions we can offer a membership.  Cricket school memebrship in 2019 costs 595kr for the season (being made up from 100 kr annual membership fee and 495kr activity fee for the term). 

New members in 2019 will recieve a free "Cricket School Starter Kit" that contains a plastic bat, rubber ball, cap, t-shirt and drink bottle. 


Registration Process

To register and beome a cricket school member you need to:

  1. Register as a Stockholm Cricket Club member, by completing the online registration form [Medlemsansökan]
  2. Pay the invoice for your membership and activity fee to the Stockholm Cricket Club, bank giro 5092-6724 or swish 123-389 64 46


Prova På

If you are new to cricket or would just like to give our cricket school a try,  you can always "prova på" with us.  All we ask is that:

  1. before coming to training you email us (This is a mailto link) so we are aware of how many people will be coming to training
  2. when you arrive at training you register your attendance, where we will aks for your childs personal number.
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